New Development from bepress: Dashboard Enhancements for Administrators Coming May 2016

We’ve been thrilled to hear your feedback that the Digital Commons Dashboard provides an engaging way to demonstrate scholarship’s impact and value. With our next release of the dashboard (coming later this spring), we’re happy to announce expanded options for exploring and sharing your dashboard data.

Filter by Date, Publication Type, and Discipline

We heard you say that you wanted custom date ranges in order to create annual reports. No problem. It is coming. Using custom date ranges, together with filters for publication type and discipline, you’ll be able to view custom subsets of repository content that might not be represented in the site hierarchy. Want to see a dashboard view for just your journals or books? No problem. How about just the readership for the ETDs in the sciences this year? You’ll be able to do that too. Save any view of the dashboard to return to it with just one click.

Share Your Dashboard

Show off a great story or let another stakeholder explore your dashboard with easy guest access—no password or login required, and you can disable their access at any time.

Country & Regional Breakdown

Global and regional impact has often come up as an important message administrators want to pull into their reports. The Country report will be enhanced with a world map visualization to show readership by country. Drill down to view readership by region or state to get a more localized breakdown of where scholarship has been read.

Integrated “Usage Reports”

The existing Usage Reports will be integrated into the dashboard, so you’ll find all your Digital Commons readership reports in one location and be able to visualize trends for downloads, metadata page hits, and uploaded content at a glance.

We’d love to hear what you think of the Digital Commons Dashboard features as they roll out this spring! Contact us at