Displaying Logos, Images, and Slideshows on Your Site

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Digital Commons offers a number of display options to visually enrich your repository’s homepage, sidebar, and individual collections.

To enable an option for your site or structure, refer to the “How to enable” instructions in the relevant section below. When requesting a custom design for a site, journal, or event, you may ask to showcase these elements in mock-ups.

Full-Width Homepage Image

The repository homepage can feature a full-width image in the main content area. You may specify that you’d like to include this during setup or, for existing sites, simply upload an image of your choice. You can switch out the image regularly or as needed.

How to enable: Upload a PNG or JPG file using the Homepage Image configuration at the site level. The image should be a minimum of 740 pixels wide to span the main content area. Larger images will be proportionally resized to fit.

Community and Publication Logos

Add a logo to a community or an individual publication such as a series or book gallery. This feature supports a variety of image types including logos for colleges, departments, centers, or initiatives as well as introductory banners or photographs representing specific collections.

Structures grouped within a community inherit that community’s logo, so it’s easy to spruce up many of a collection’s pages with a single file. However, you can always upload unique logos for grouped structures or choose not to display a logo.

Logos appear above introductory text. They can either stack above the structure’s title or appear alongside it, depending on width and the settings selected. The title may also be hidden, for instance, if the title appears in the logo itself. See examples of each option below.

Community logo with community title hidden

This community logo incorporates the name of the college, so the community title containing the college name has been hidden.

Series logo stacked over series title

This series logo shows the series title in addition to the logo. The setting to “stack” the logo and title is enabled, though the title would likely move to a second line in this case anyway due to the wider logo.

Book gallery logo and title side by side

Smaller logos can display next to a publication’s title, if the “stacked” setting is left unchecked.

How to enable: Find the logo settings on the Configuration tab for the community or publication you are modifying. Depending on the type of structure you’re working with, you’ll see a Series Logo (or Book Gallery Logo, etc.) section. For journals, contact Consulting Services, who will add your logo and make any necessary layout adjustments to fit your journal’s setup.

For communities and all publication types except journals, upload a GIF, JPG, or PNG and enter the dimensions. Check available options if you wish to hide the publication title, stack the logo above the title, or stop inheriting the parent community logo. Enter a link for the logo, if desired. See Digital Commons Administrator Configurations for more details on these and other configuration settings.

Tip: Tall images will push content down on the page, so keeping height in check is advised in most cases.

Sidebar Logos and Images

If you wish to include an image or logo in the sidebar of your repository, community, or publication, let us know during setup or at any time once your site has launched. This image can link to an external site, such as your library, supporting institution, or event sponsor.

How to enable: Include this request with your site, journal, or event setup form; or contact Consulting Services to add a sidebar logo to an existing site at any time.

Image Slideshows and Content Carousels

Display dynamic image slideshows on your repository, community, or publication homepage. Make it a content carousel if you wish to include curated metadata for your images.

Small slideshow

These rotating images can fit comfortably on the page without overwhelming your text content.

Large slideshow

Select this option if you have big, high-resolution images that you would like to display prominently.

Content carousel

The carousel provides a compact combination of images and text, and can include a link to featured content.

How to enable: Look for the Content Carousel or Image Slideshow section on the Configuration tab within the community or publication you’re modifying. Content carousels and image slideshows support image RSS feeds from Digital Commons image galleries. See Digital Commons Administrator Configurations for more details about the settings.

Control display size by adjusting the height and width settings. Consider using images of a uniform size and shape for cleaner transition between slides.

If you would like to add a slideshow or carousel on your repository homepage, or know you’d like to include one in a new design (site, journal, or event), please indicate this on your setup form and we will include it in the mock-up.

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