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30th December 2016 | Category : Law

Automate the Metadata Gathering and Parsing Process for Law Reviews, Whitney Alexander
This spreadsheet and accompanying article (here) show how metadata for Law Review articles can easily transferred from HeinOnline and other sources to Digital Commons batch upload spreadsheets.

Five Steps to Digitally Archiving Your Law Review, Courtney Smith
This presentation describes the five steps a law library generally takes to archive a law review in a Digital Commons institutional repository.

How Librarians Can Help Improve Law Journal Publishing, Benjamin J. Keele, Michelle Pearse
Librarians are well positioned to improve law journal publishing and help it evolve in the ever-changing digital environment. They can provide student editors with advice on a variety of issues such as copyright, data preservation, and version control. Librarians can also help journals adopt technical standards and improve the discoverability and usability of journal content. 

Moving Your Student law Reviews Toward an Open-Access Publishing Model, Whitney Alexander, David Brian Holt
This session describes how Santa Clara Law, which moved all three of its student law reviews to an open access publishing model using Digital Commons from bepress, automated the process of gathering, parsing and uploading metadata for the backfiles of its law reviews via spreadsheets, thus saving a tremendous amount of time and human effort.

Open Access to Student-Edited Law Journals, Benjamin J. Keele
When student edited law journals articles are published, they generally reside in law libraries and proprietary, subscription-based databases like LexisNexis, Westlaw, and HeinOnline. Some journals have begun putting their content on their websites, making them available to a wider audience.