Making the case for a law repository

4th January 2017 | Category : Law

White Paper: Behind a Law School’s Decision to Implement an Institutional Repository, James M. Donovan, Carol A. Watson
This white paper discusses creating a business case for the IR, obtaining content for the repository, managing intellectual property issues and extending the IR beyond a single institution.

TCO & ROI: Assessing and Evaluating an Institutional Repository, Pamela Bluh
Presentation about the University of Maryland School of Law’s decision to implement Digital Commons.

Implementing bepress’ Digital Commons Institutional Repository Solution: Two Views From the Trenches, Carol A. Watson, James M. Donovan, Pamela Bluh
Librarians from the University of Georgia Law Library and University of Maryland Law Library discuss their experiences implementing Digital Commons’ institutional repository services.

New Trends and Concepts in Law Library Services: Institutional Repositories, Lauren P. Seney
Presentation detailing content acquisition and repository implementation.

Transitioning your Institutional Repository into a Digital Archive, Lauren P. Seney
The Wolf Law Library at the College of William & Mary has spent the past several years developing a digital repository. The scope of digital collections has evolved from one of a strictly scholarly nature to incorporate the Law School’s historical materials. Now the repository houses both the intellectual output of the law faculty and the school’s digital archive.