Small but Mighty: Launching a Successful Scholarly Communications Initiative with Limited Resources

Many small schools worry that they don’t have the resources to launch and run a successful institutional repository initiative. It might come as a surprise that their very smallness comes with sizable advantages. At Dominican University of California, Michael Pujals, Scholarly Communications Librarian, has identified and successfully drawn on these advantages to build a thriving initiative in a short amount of time, including offering services for conference and journal hosting, thesis and capstone publication, and individual scholar pages for faculty members.

Over the course of the webinar, Michael shares some of the secrets to his success, addressing topics such as:

– Making the most of limited resources
– Successfully engaging faculty
– Securing the support of upper administration

Attendees will leave the webinar with concrete tips and tricks that they can apply at their own institutions.

Michael’s slides, including the references he showed, are available here.