Consulting & Support

“We have been extremely pleased with the system’s reliability, flexibility, and performance, and very impressed with bepress’s helpful, friendly, accommodating, and efficient service.” – Paul Royster, Coordinator of Scholarly Communications, University of Nebraska—Lincoln

With over a decade’s experience serving the scholarly community, the bepress Consulting Services team of over 40 consultants has the expertise and technical chops to help you meet campus needs without having to moonlight as a developer. Comprehensive training includes a dedicated Consultant and  unlimited refreshers and re-ups—not just for you, but for student and faculty journal editors, staff in other departments, and whoever else wants to come to the party.

We’ll help you:

  • Implement new collections
  • Adjust existing collections and metadata to meet new needs
  • Choose from custom-designed mockups, created and implemented by our design team
  • Master the most efficient workflows for uploading content and measuring traffic
  • Strategize ways to gather and share your range of collections
  • Keep up to date on feature introductions and examples
  • Find online documentation and personalized assistance via phone and email

We’re Not Robots (No offense to robots. Please don’t hurt us, robots.)

That’s right, we’re people. We’re librarians, academics in exile, and all kinds of other real live human beings with patience, humor, and a deep understanding of the software you’re using—and the kinds of projects you want to use it for. Unlike robots, we’re eminently callable and remember not just your name but your favorite baseball team and that well-meaning editor who keeps asking you the same question.

It’s Not Our First Rodeo

This might be your first time, but it’s not ours; we’ve worked with over 500 institutions, all told, and we’ve seen a thing or two. That means we both get to benefit from other people’s mistakes. Our teams all work in the same office, sharing the strange and beautiful ideas you come up with and making sure you benefit from our collective experience.

We’re In It Together

We feel good about our jobs when you feel good about yours. So there’s no need to be shy with ideas for how to make the platform better, asking just one more question—wait, make that three—or talking through your goals for a special collection. That’s exactly what we’re here for.