Archives & Special Collections

Is your campus’s unique past hidden away in dusty file cabinets, retired professors’ floppy discs, or clunky, outdated technologies? Digital Commons makes it easy to manage, preserve, and showcase any and all visual content, including campus archives, historical documents, and art exhibitions.

  • Support for complex collections and all file types
  • Customizable, indexed, and search optimized metadata
  • Pan, zoom, and view 3D images from every angle
  • S3 cloud storage and preservation
  • Unlimited storage (no additional costs)

Showcase strategic collections from across campus

Digital Commons lets you shine a spotlight on your institution’s legacy, from portraits and speeches of past chancellors to the uniforms worn by the 1952 field hockey team. Housing campus collections in one organized, browsable, and visible location serves the missions of multiple groups, including Marketing & Communications, the Office of the President, and Alumni Relations.

Missouri Science & Tech Special Collections Example