Open Educational Resources & Books

Responding to increased student textbook costs, educators, institutions, and even state legislators are turning their attention toward Open Educational Resources (OER). Digital Commons offers infrastructure for the full range of Open Educational Resources, so you can save students money while increasing engagement and retention.

  • Easy to download, share, and remix
  • Top-rated SEO and automatic inclusion in the Teaching Commons
  • Support for every file type
  • Access control and licensing options, including Creative Commons
  • Detailed readership metrics show how OER is used on campus and beyond

Meet campus-wide goals to cut costs

A growing number of schools are focusing on affordable education initiatives. Align with the mission of the institution by offering all departments a scalable solution for sharing and managing the resources students need.

Increase student engagement and retention

Rising textbook costs force many students to delay or refrain from buying course materials. Keep students engaged and in school by offering free, unfettered access to the educational resources they need.

Showcase your institution’s teaching excellence

Sharing course materials and open textbooks has the added benefit of sharing your expertise with students and educators who need to develop similar curricula.

Share everything from open textbooks to recorded lectures

Give students access to the education they deserve by making educational resources widely and freely available. Digital Commons supports every file type and is a perfect fit for:

  • Textbooks
  • Syllabi
  • Course materials
  • Lectures
  • K-12 Curricula

Explore the Teaching Commons to see open educational resources from across the Digital Commons community.