Fully hosted and supported technology lets you focus on showing off what makes your institution unique.

Digital Commons

Highlight the quality of your institution’s work with a full publishing platform and research showcase.

Impact Analytics

Increase, track, and report on readership activity with industry-leading analytics for every stakeholder.

We got our start by offering academic journal publishing tools, and soon learned that the scholarly community had a lot more than that in mind. That same community has inspired us to develop scalable, integrated solutions that let you say “yes” to every corner of campus, from upper administration and the academic senate to the offices of Undergraduate Research and Communications.

Digital Commons is fully hosted, uses cloud-based technology, and includes unlimited support from a dedicated consultant.

Together, they let any academic community:

  • Leverage faculty output
  • Showcase student research
  • Increase, track, and report on impact
  • Publish academic journals and textbooks
  • Customize galleries of experts
  • Curate scholarly profiles
  • Manage research data
  • Display campus collections and documents
  • Manage and archive conferences