Faculty Scholarship & Research

From previously published, peer-reviewed articles to working papers and conference proceedings, Digital Commons showcases the breadth of faculty work from across your institution.

  • Top-rated SEO for academia maximizes impact
  • Detailed, exportable impact analytics for faculty and administration
  • Support for all file types and formats
  • S3 cloud storage and preservation
  • Seamless integration with the Expert Gallery Suite

Expand reach and visibility for the full spectrum of faculty work

Unlimited support for all types of scholarship means you can prove your campus expertise with a full picture of faculty’s achievements:

  • Published research and research materials
  • New scholarly journals
  • Research data and grants
  • Digital humanities and creative works
  • Teaching and learning materials


Enhance the reputation of faculty and programs

Full indexing and custom branding ensure that users connect research back to the institution that helped to foster it—and full integration with the Expert Gallery Suite lets you decide how high-performing faculty get connected with media and funding opportunities.

Impact analytics for authors and administration

Faculty reporting tools offer detailed, exportable information on productivity and impact, and individual faculty members get their own on-demand metrics to use in tenure and promotion dossiers and grant applications.