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Tools and Workflows to Support Health Science Research Reporting

Health science libraries are seeking new ways to track, report on, and raise the visibility of research for the purposes of accreditation and other program requirements.
Join Dave Stout of bepress for a free webinar in which he discusses how librarians at health care networks are proving indispensable to the accreditation process by streamlining workflows. Dave will discuss:
  • Workflows for tracking research output via harvesting from multiple sources
  • Powerful reporting on researcher productivity
  • Ways these tools can help meet ACCME, ACGME, and other accreditation requirements
This will build on ideas from our previous webinar, Library-led Approaches to Showcase Health Science Research ( Attendees will come away with concrete ideas of how the library can play to its strengths and support the highest goals of the health care system.

Date & Time : Tuesday, August 29, 2017, from 11:00am to 13:00pm