Scholarly Profiles

Institutions face increasing pressure to provide relevant services to faculty and researchers—and show off the full breadth of their work. Rich, curated profiles reflect the value of your faculty, their work, and the institution that helped foster it.

  • Build consistent, organized, university-branded faculty profiles
  • Share articles, books, syllabi, presentations, images, streaming media files, and more
  • Reduce strain on your IT department— full support and hosting included
  • Increase discoverability through top-rated search engine optimization for academia
  • Track impact with detailed analytics and global download maps

Full portfolios prove expertise and serve cross-campus needs

From faculty in the arts to researchers with massive datasets, you need to support your people and the wide array of work they produce. Individuals and the institution alike benefit from profiles that paint the full picture, not just what you could find from a CV or faculty bibliography.

Curated profiles keep scholarship in the hands of the institution

Customizable workflows and full integration with Digital Commons ensure the level of control your institution needs. The library is well-equipped to handle metadata and copyright concerns, and two-way notifications let faculty and staff update and maintain profiles with flexibility and ease.

Industry-leading readership and impact metrics for authors and administration

In addition to the Impact Dashboard, which shows the impact of schools or programs, individual Author Dashboards give faculty detailed, exportable analytics about how their work is being read around the world. Authors can find potential collaborators, identify their most widely read research, and even share impact information for tenure and review.