bepress Launches Expert Gallery Suite

April 27th, 2017

bepress is pleased to announce the official launch of bepress’s Expert Gallery Suite, designed to let institutions highlight their faculty and research expertise.

The suite comprises unlimited galleries of faculty and researchers; profiles that showcase the full breadth of faculty work and achievements (not just published research articles); and impact analytics that show authors and administration who’s reading their work. The Expert Gallery Suite makes it easy for groups across campus to connect top faculty with funding and media opportunities that often get missed. It also serves as a way for prospective graduate students and undergraduate research assistants to find faculty mentors in their chosen field.

The Expert Gallery Suite seamlessly integrates with a campus-wide institutional repository and publishing platform, Digital Commons.

Dave Johnston, Scholarly Communications Coordinator and Co-Director of the Centre for Digital Scholarship at the University of Windsor, says of the Digital Humanities Research Collaboration’s new gallery:

“This is a much more attractive and professional way to find out who the members of the Digital Humanities Research Collaboration are, and what they are interested in and working on. Research teams on campus have a motivation to present the work of researchers in their group together as a unit within the university. The Expert Gallery Suite provides a solution to this that now easily integrates into whatever web presence they have.”

Custom, embeddable galleries

Unlike other platforms for managing faculty research, the Expert Gallery Suite allows institutions to curate galleries of experts and researchers and add them to any page, including on the campus’s main website. And unlike most faculty directories, the suite lets both internal and external users find experts by research interest, media experience, and availability for mentoring, in addition to department. Groups across campus can:

  • Promote panelists, grant recipients, and experts on current topics and events
  • Ensure that private-sector partners find the specialists they’re looking fo
  • Connect current and prospective students with research mentors
  • Find collaborators and co-PIs for interdisciplinary grants

Scholarly profiles that do justice to faculty’s achievements

The Expert Gallery Suite’s rich, curated profiles surpass the limitations of a traditional CV or faculty bibliography. They are built to reflect the value and breadth of faculty work as well as the institution that helped foster it. Custom workflows allow the library, faculty, and staff to:

  • Build and manage consistent, university-branded profiles for faculty and researchers
  • Share articles, books, syllabi, presentations, images, streaming media, and datasets
  • Show availability for mentorship, research collaboration, and speaking engagements

Impact and readership analytics for authors and administration

Industry-leading metrics let institutions measure the influence of their experts’ work. Authors, department chairs, and other stakeholders can see and share detailed information about the impact of faculty scholarship.

  • Stakeholders can track the organizations, institutions, and regions reading their work
  • Filtered views make it easy to prove impact to department heads and administration
  • Authors can export readership data for tenure and promotion dossiers

About bepress

Founded by professors in 1999, bepress exists to serve academia. bepress builds hosted solutions that let academic institutions showcase and share their works for maximum impact.

The bepress model is unlimited, cloud-based, and fully hosted, and includes dedicated consulting and support. In addition to the Expert Gallery Suite, bepress offers Digital Commons, the leading hosted institutional repository software platform and a comprehensive showcase for everything produced on campus. Together, Digital Commons and the Expert Gallery Suite let any academic community collect, preserve, and make visible all of their intellectual output and expertise.