LAST SEASON FOR EXPRESSO! After nearly two decades of serving the law community, this will be the last submission season for ExpressO. The last day to submit to law reviews is March 31, 2021. To help mitigate impact to our users, our final season will be phased accordingly:

March 31: Last day to submit to law reviews.
June 30: Complete service shutdown.

All accounts, including those for law reviews, will remain open and accessible until June 30, 2021, the date of official shutdown. This will allow users to continue to manage their submissions, make and accept offers, and download submission information.

ExpressO is the premier online manuscript delivery service to law reviews. Founded over a decade ago, ExpressO continues to serve as the central marketplace for the law community of authors, editors, and law schools.

How does it work? Law reviews sign up with ExpressO to receive and manage author submissions; authors use ExpressO to submit their manuscripts to these law reviews to consider for publication; and law schools provide the ExpressO service by covering submission charges on behalf of their faculty and students.

What does ExpressO offer? ExpressO hosts a powerful suite of integrated tools and features designed to increase efficiency of submission receipt and management for editors. Authors and their institutions benefit from a streamlined submission process with unmatched law review selection and affordability.

Whether you are a current or prospective user, please see our resource links below for pricing information, FAQs, and helpful tutorials.


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