Brochures and presentations

16th December 2016 | Category : Data Management

On this page are materials Digital Commons users have created to facilitate data conversations with researchers on their campuses.

Data Management LibGuide, James Madison University
Data Management Guide for Faculty, Researchers, and Students.

What is Open Data?, University of Massachusetts Medical Center
This page focuses on open scientific data: the primary research data published within or alongside research papers.

Clemson University Data Management Survey, Clemson University
Survey questions and results from a 2013 data survey.

Conducting a Data Interview, Michael Witt, Jake R. Carlson
Poster containing questions that a librarian can use as a starting point for such a “data interview.”

Big Data in NSUWorks, Michele Gibney, Keri Baker
Presentation about an ongoing Nova Southeastern University project utilizing the repository to store big data.

Managing Data Sets, Katie Richardson
Brochure for Pepperdine University’s repository, advertising data services.