Customer examples

2nd November 2016 | Category : Conferences and Events

Below are some of our favorite examples of conferences and other events. Contact your consultant for additional examples and to set up your own event structures.

Dawn or Doom Conference, Purdue University
This seminar presents interdisciplinary discussions examining the research, opportunities, challenges, and questions brought about by the increasingly rapid rate of technological change. The structure features videos and infographics for each session.

Library Technology Conference, Macalester College
The Library Technology Conference provides an opportunity for librarians to come together to discuss the technologies that are affecting library services; to see examples of what libraries are doing with these technologies; and to allow participants to learn specific skills or knowledge that they can take back and adapt for use within their own library. This publication features schedules for each year of the event.

Octavofest, Cleveland State University
Event home for Northeast Ohio’s active community of book and paper innovators, and magnificent library and museum collections of fine and rare books. Browse this month-long festival by date, topic, and location.

Philosophical Fridays, University of Southern Mississippi
Philosophical Fridays – Where people gather to hear the wisdom of leading scholars on a variety of philosophical topics. This lecture series includes videos and speaker images.