What Our Customers Are Saying

Increased Visibility and Impact

“The website is where we tell people what the University does, the repository is where we show them.”

–Michael Pujals, Scholarly Communications Librarian, Dominican University of California

The new author dashboard maps and enhanced readership are SO GOOD. Every professor up for promotion & tenure should use them!”

–Janelle Wertzberger, Assistant Dean and Director of Scholarly Communications at Gettysburg College’s Musselman Library

“In the last several months downloads of my scholarship from my [SelectedWorks] site have far surpassed the total distribution of all my work in the previous twenty five years.”

–Rev. Edward R. Udovic, Vice President for Teaching and Learning Resources, DePaul University

Faculty Research Services

“One of our college initiatives focuses on building interdisciplinary research groups. However, we often find that faculty within our own college aren’t aware of the research being done by their colleagues, and know even less so about what is taking place in other colleges on campus. With the help of Selected Works, these barriers can be overcome.”

–Martha Abell, Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics, Georgia Southern University

“Both faculty and administration have been impressed with the services we provide through SelectedWorks; we’re able to show how much our faculty really publishes, and it’s great for professors to get that recognition. We’ve had several faculty members approach us for help making sure their record was complete when they were up for tenure, and we’ve even found articles that authors themselves no longer had access to.”

–Beverly Lysobey, Digital Commons and Resource Management Librarian, Sacred Heart University

“A perfect antidote to dowdy and shabby university web pages, bepress SelectedWorks is a shining exemplar of open access publishing: well-presented, modular, and user-friendly.”

–Matthew Rimmer, Senior Lecturer and Associate Director of Research, ANU College of Law

Hosted Model

“The biggest advantage of the Digital Commons platform system for me is that it allows me to focus on two things: 

  1. Recruiting content
  2. Boosting usage

I don’t have to worry about website design, engineering, maintenance, upgrades, compatibility, storage servers, software…”

–Paul Royster, Coordinator of Scholarly Communication, University of Nebraska – Lincoln

“After listening to other universities talk about their IR experiences, I am more confident than ever that we made the right decision in selecting Digital Commons as our IR platform. I think the suite of services bepress offers is ideal for universities.”

–Cheryl Walters, Head of Digital Initiatives Department, Utah State University

“Our IT branch did not have the resources to support our ‘play’ with dSPACE and having previously been through a major library software implementation, I wanted something that was well-developed and fully supported. I have to say we love the bepress system. It is easy to use, our ACER research staff also love it and all its features, and the support is just wonderful. My attitude is that there is no such thing as ‘free’ software and I feel that by paying the license fee we get support and a product that is being developed by professionals, rather than someone with just a passing interest.”

–Lance Deveson, Library and Information Manager, Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER)

Consulting Services and Support

“Over the past 12 months I have had the incredible pleasure of working with Jillian Clark at bepress. Jillian helped us to develop a website for an international conference we hosted.  It was a challenging project, and a little out of the ordinary for both myself and Jillian. But Jillian was an absolute godsend. She helped guide me (who is not very technically gifted) through every stage of using the website. She took a lot of time to understand our needs, and even though there were not always obvious solutions, Jillian always found a way. She was quick and kind and thoughtful in all responses. And it was an absolute pleasure working with her. I’m actually missing our regular correspondence already.

I wanted to let you know what a delight it was to work with Jillian and bepress.

–Dr. Anne Langston, Associate Director, Aquaculture Research Institute, University of Maine

“As a relatively small university, Digital Commons has allowed us to have a functional repository service live to the world in a very short space of time. The attitude and engagement of the staff has been impressive. They have been attentive and responsive and that has been instrumental in our success with the project.”

–Stephen McVey, Director Library Services, University of Notre Dame, Australia

“This is a very belated thank you note and letter of appreciation for the work your staff have done for us… I’d like to repeat and share for the record that if all the vendors we worked with had the type of service orientation that bepress technical support staff have, we would have no problems. Congratulations to you for helping to develop, shape, and now lead a superlative group and team of individuals.”

–Terri Fishel, Library Director, Macalester College

Student Work

“My work with the journal has been extremely beneficial. As a reviewer, my critical thinking and writing skills improved substantially through reviewing the articles.”

–Sijia “Sky” Song, former Editor-in-chief of Undergraduate Economic Review, Illinois Wesleyan University

“Housing the honors theses with Digital Commons@Georgia Southern has made it possible for the broader scholarly community to benefit from the research efforts of the students in the University Honors Program. Furthermore, having publication of the theses as a goal is an added incentive for students to produce high-quality work. We have very much enjoyed working with the staff at Henderson Library who have made this a ‘user friendly’ experience for students and professors. ” 

–Steven Engel, Director, University Honors Program, Georgia Southern University

“Publishing with JPUR makes you a more attractive candidate for a career with research and writing. It’s a huge advantage if you want to get a higher degree because you already know how the publishing process works.”

–Madison Heslop, contributor to Journal of Purdue Undergraduate Research at Purdue University