20 Cool Things You Didn’t Know About Digital Commons: Part Four

Think you know everything you can do with Digital Commons? Think again. We’re constantly impressed by the hard work and innovation of our Digital Commons community, and we wanted to show off twenty of the many amazing and creative ways you’re using the platform to help support the needs of your campuses. Check out parts one, two, and three!

Speaker Pictures
Enliven your content’s display and add an extra human touch with pictures of the authors of an article or speakers at a conference.

Publications Checklist
More common for journals and ETD workflows, this feature helps editors and administrators ensure that important procedures are completed prior to uploading an item to the repository. Before an object can be posted, every item in the customizable checklist must be checked by an authorized user, and the system records the date and name of the user who affirmed the actions were completed.


Custom Message in Monthly Readership Reports
This feature allows admins to insert a custom message into the monthly readership report emails that all authors in Digital Commons receive. Most messages typically remind authors to visit the IR and deposit new works.

Stakeholder Reports
How can you keep department heads and library directors aware of new content in your repository? Stakeholder reports provide automated monthly summaries of new scholarship and the most popular works in the IR and can be customized to cover the entire repository or one selected publication.

Integration with Other Websites
Bring the IR to your campus using the RSS feeds in Digital Commons; library, university, and departmental websites can receive an automatic feed of new works.

To learn more about how you might include these features in your Digital Commons repository, contact Consulting Services at support@dc.bepress.com.