20 Cool Things You Didn’t Know About Digital Commons: Part One

Think you know everything you can do with Digital Commons? Think again. We’re constantly impressed by the hard work and innovation of our Digital Commons community, and we wanted to show off twenty of the many amazing and creative ways you’re using the platform to help support the needs of your campuses. Stay tuned for parts two through four!

There are currently about twenty DC schools posting or in the process of posting data to their repositories. They’re turning to Digital Commons for their data needs because it offers ease of use, flexible metadata options, and great visibility. There are many different ways to present data in Digital Commons, and your choice really depends on the nature of the material.

The movement behind online, open access, and affordable (or free) textbooks has been gaining huge momentum in higher education in recent years, and we’re proud to offer a platform for Digital Commons schools to meet that need.

We’re sure you’re well aware of Digital Commons’ ability to embed videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Brightcove, Soundcloud, and many others. While at first most of these videos tended to be interviews with scholars or snippets of audio that accompanied an article or ETD, with the push toward online education, we’re seeing many more open lecture series uploaded to Digital Commons.

Printable 3D objects
Bet you didn’t realize Digital Commons had gone 3D, right? The more departments at your institution that gain access to this technology, the more important it is to have a permanent home to share the output with the rest of the campus.

Oral Histories
Oral histories are becoming extremely popular in Digital Commons. We currently have nearly two dozen collections specifically devoted to them, with others also being interspersed within larger departmental collections.

To learn more about how you might include these features in your Digital Commons repository, contact Consulting Services at support@dc.bepress.com.