4 ways you can use our new API, starting now

Outbound API means more impact with less effort

Your Digital Commons team is excited to announce the Digital Commons Outbound API release, designed in collaboration with our creative and vibrant community. Why a new API? You’ve shared your vision of how APIs could play a key role in research showcasing and faculty reporting strategies. Your vision is now a reality.

“We have automated our promotion and tenure process and include works from Digital Commons.  Having an API to retrieve that content is very desirable.”

— IT developer, private technical university

We understand your IR is a central hive of activity. Our new Outbound API means busy-bee repository admins can remain highly productive with less effort.

Here’re some ideas of what you can do:

  • Pull your DC data over to institutional, departmental and faculty webpages
  • Provide IR data for ingestion into Faculty 180 and Digital Measures
  • Pull relevant IR data for export to DOAJ
  • Manipulate your data for text mining and metadata analysis

Ready to get started? Contact your consultant to request a security token. You’ll then create and submit your query, and a compressed JSON file will be generated for your access. Your consultant remains available for your questions, to provide training and even share examples of common queries to get you started.

Be sure to let us know of your successes in re-using your IR to benefit your institution’s showcasing and reporting needs. You can reach out to us at dc-support@bepress.com. We’d love to broadcast your success stories to our community on Twitter, so please include our handle: @bepress_DC.

Future iterations of our API will explore unlocking even more ways to re-use your IR content as we explore other platforms. Our focus remains on making it easier for you to increase discoverability and impact of your IR content.

If you came across this blog and think that Digital Commons might be a solution for your institution, please contact us here.