February 16th, 2016 | Category : SelectedWorks

A Bepress Valentine: The New SelectedWorks

At bepress we love our clients, and for Valentine’s Day we are thrilled to say that SelectedWorks, our faculty profile platform, is all shiny and new and ready for you to enjoy!


Now you can spread the word about SelectedWorks just as this bevy of swans is spreading their valentine garlands! The new SelectedWorks gives you the ability to answer faculty needs with library-curated faculty profiles that maximize scholarly impact.

Maybe your bevy of faculty members has resolved that this is the year they get to decide what happens when they post their scholarship online—now the library can swan in and offer these services (and more):

  •  Help faculty show off the full range their work, from datasets and working papers to streaming media and teaching materials.
  •  Offer faculty profiles that can be managed by the library without any fees to authors.
  •  Access the Author and Admin Dashboards for important metrics on downloads and readership on these profiles.

You can check out our reference section for resources on SelectedWorks. Let us know how you and your faculty are using the new profile pages at outreach@bepress.com—we can’t wait to see what you come up with.