March 5th, 2020 | Tags : cloud migration | Category : bepress Development Blogs

A stitch in time courtesy of the cloud –speedy results from the cloud migration work


We are delighted to share that since all your Digital Commons sites, totaling nearly 600 in all, have been migrated to the cloud that the performance of your sites have sped up dramatically.   Reports continue  pouring in, including the email shown above from Paul Royster of University of Nebraska Lincoln, about faster and smoother content uploading and updating, especially for large files and batch uploads. Our Development team has worked hard throughout the past year to complete this migration so that you and your users can benefit from the highest level of performance for your IR.  We are so pleased.

You’ve probably noticed that things are faster but perhaps you are wondering how much faster?  Here are a handful of the statistics we’ve gathered:

5x faster average login speeds
5x faster batch import speeds
5x faster page load speeds
10x faster average batch revise speeds

Observations from the community were even more compelling:

“… the platform is SO MUCH FASTER now that it’s using Amazon web services.”

“I’m not sure if there’s anything different going on, but the update speed for the last week has been superb”

If you haven’t seen the speed improvements first hand, now is a great time to try uploading content and share your cloud experience with your consultant.

Beyond speed, being cloud-hosted means a faster  product development.  Stay tuned for our next announcement about our new API to enable you to pull content from Digital Commons to your website and select third-party faculty reporting systems, as well as data manipulation to do things like text mining and metadata analysis.