January 15th, 2013 | Tags : Consulting Services | Category : Education & Outreach

Announcing bepress Client Services is now bepress Consulting Services

When we started bepress Digital Commons, technical assistance was the primary support required by IR administrators.  Over time that role evolved.  Based upon our experience launching hundreds of IRs and thousands of publications, administrators with new ventures began to request more guidance in best practices and workflows.  Our bepress Consultants also became experts in the presentation of book galleries, journals, proceedings, historic archives, image galleries, and other curated collections.  We love our new role, and so to better reflect this responsibility, our department is changing its name to bepress Consulting Services.

We are eager to collaborate with all of you, so if you are considering publishing a new digital collection let us know! And you can still contact us for unlimited support and technical know-how.  The contact info is the same: phone 510-665-1200, opt.2 or email support@dc.bepress.com.

Eli Windchy, VP, Consulting Services