February 10th, 2015 | Tags : Digital Commons Resources | Category : bepress Development Blogs, Best Practices

Announcing the DC Community Library: Your One-Stop-Shop for all Digital Commons Resources

We are very pleased to announce the Digital Commons Community Library! It is an intuitive way of exploring bepress’s scholarly communication resources by subject matter. These resources are all free and open access. If you found our toolkits and tutorials helpful, you’ll love the DC Community Library which has updated material on all areas of interest—your one-stop-shop for all Digital Commons Resources.

Here you’ll find collections of useful materials on a number of topics including:

There are resources about institutional repositories and scholarly communication, recordings of webinars, examples of collections, blogs, brochures, presentations, and other materials. These are published by your fellow Digital Commons subscribers as well as bepress staff. We hope that this will be a valuable resource for the Digital Commons community as well as the scholarly community at large.

For example, the Copyright section of the DC Library includes everything you need to get started along with best practices: faculty and publisher permission letter templates, a presentation on copyright workflows, an in-depth webinar on rights checking workflows and authors’ rights initiatives, promotional handouts for faculty, a checklist for reviewing publisher copyright agreements, a guide to discovering journal policies on open access, and a blog on authors’ rights education leading to increased faculty interest in repository services.

We’d love to hear your thoughts! How are you using the DC Community Library? What other topics would you like to see addressed? Contact us at outreach@bepress.com.  You’ll find a link to the DC Community Library under the Resources button at digitalcommons.bepress.com.

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