November 20th, 2018 | Tags : infrastructure improvements | Category : bepress Development Blogs

Behind the Scenes at bepress: Infrastructure Improvements for More Speed and Security

As part of our commitment to continually improving the Digital Commons platform, our engineers have been busy behind the scenes and we’ve got exciting news about our Cloud migration to report. For the last two years we’ve been migrating to the Cloud to provide more speed and security, and we have just rounded the corner on the final lap!

We’ve been moving several key components into the Cloud including file storage, databases, web services and other subsystems. This work will result in more uptime, faster downloads and uploads, as well as more flexible file storage and access (such as hosted streaming video). We are expecting to be done specifically with our web services migration by the end of December, when a Cloud of improvements will be winging its way down your IR’s chimney. We’re happy to customize the timing, however, if you have any big projects coming up at the end of the year and want us to hold your migration until January to avoid any unintended inconvenience. Feel free to talk with your Consultant about timing via phone or at

Since joining Elsevier, we’ve been able to call on new resources to offer wide-ranging infrastructure improvements. For example, we are now fully compliant with the new EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requirements to ensure your data privacy. Meeting these standards allows us to provide privacy protection far in advance of most U.S. providers (not to mention allowing our Development Team to combine puns and parties by hosting a “GDPaRty” when work was completed in May). We have also engineered and rolled out Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) on all our sites to meet the highest standards and make them more discoverable and secure.

Stay tuned to this Community News page for information about new features and improvements—we have a lot more planned for 2019! For questions, please contact our product team at