November 21st, 2017 | Category : bepress Culture

What Does bepress Do to Keep Warm in Winter? We Bake!

The cinnamon-spicy smell of apple pies in the bepress kitchen drew folks from their desks as irresistible scents wafted through the office, heralding the holiday season. Rebecca Karberg and Jillian Clark in Consulting Services issued an invitation for all comers to test their skills with what they call “the noblest of fruits” in an Apple Pie Baking Contest.

As you can see in the photos below, we had a myriad of apple-themed pies, including Best Decorated and Best in Show (the tart by Jami), Best Crust (cheddar cheese crust by Elie), and Best Fruit Combination (apple/orange/cranberry by Michelle). Perhaps our next feature roll-out will be smell-o-rama for food-themed images?

You are all welcome to join us for a home-baked treat at bepress the next time you visit. Word to the wise: ask your Consultant when the next bake-off will be before buying your plane tickets…it may be the sweetest advice they give you all year!