July 5th, 2018 | Category : bepress Culture, bepress Development Blogs

What Could Be Better than PlumX at bepress? Purple Plum Tortes in a Plum-Wonderful Bakeoff!

We’ve written a lot of blogs at bepress, but covering the Great Summer Bakeoff was a plum assignment (warning, more groan-worthy puns ahead…). Although our Californian accents can hardly be called plummy, we were treated to first class stone fruit desserts last week by the bevy of bepress bakers who sweeten our days here at the office. Because we love to think up creative categories, there were winners in each baking achievement, below. Well, actually, everyone who entered was a winner…another time-honored bepress tradition! 

Happily, we were able to make PlumX Metrics appear instantly in each of your repositories…for actual plum tarts, you’ll have to visit us here in Berkeley 🙂

Best Use of Fruit: Jillian, Purple Plum Torte
Most Surprising Fruit/Fruit Combination: Chrissy, cherry tartlets
Best Presentation: Elie, Plum Print
Best Cake: Diane, nectarine upside-down spice cake
Best Cobbler/Crumble: Michelle, plum-nectarine crumb bars 
Best Locavore: Tessa, summer plum cake with Santa Rosa plums
Best Crust: Anne, ginger peach tart
Best in Show: Elie, Plum Print