Bilingual Glossary Becomes FIU Repository’s Most Downloaded Paper Ever

Florida International University recently wrote a news piece highlighting their most downloaded paper of all time: a bilingual English-Spanish glossary of academic terms in the field of geology. Professor Grenville Draper wanted the glossary to be inexpensive and easy to access for all countries, so finding an open access solution was important—FIU’s repository fit the bill. Professor Draper created the glossary for himself in 1987, but found that once it got published in the FIU Digital Commons campus repository in 2005 people from all over the world began using it. Nearly 30,000 downloads from 90 countries show up in the Readership Map, the Dashboard, and other reporting tools embedded in the repository.

Read more about this story on the FIU blog. Congratulations to Professor Draper and the repository team at FIU!