July 13th, 2015 | Tags : SelectedWorks | Category : bepress Development Blogs, SelectedWorks

Bring on the Multimedia Files! SelectedWorks Has Rich New Display Options

New multimedia display options and functionality are coming soon to the upgraded SelectedWorks. SW will support streaming media, datasets, images, video, teaching materials, presentations, books, and just about anything else you can think of! We’ve rebuilt SW from the ground up so faculty can build even richer profiles.

We know your faculty want to publish more than just articles—soon they will be able to showcase their whole body of work using a more flexible SelectedWorks. The sleek new card view will highlight the type of uploaded file for easy browsing. For example, if an image is uploaded, a thumbnail image will automatically appear, with the full image and its metadata just one click away. This new presentation will also highlight selected metadata for each file in the main view. When you click into a card, you’ll see the complete metadata (automatically migrated from DC) including custom metadata fields.

Stay tuned for our next blogs on improved SelectedWorks features, including a sleek new look and greater administrative control. And be sure to read all about the improved SW integration with your Digital Commons IR on the DC Telegraph!

Feel free to contact outreach@bepress.com if you would like a demo.

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