October 24th, 2019 | Tags : University of Albany (SUNY), University of Montana | Category : Open Access

Celebrating Open Access Week with the Digital Commons Community

There is a veritable cornucopia of open access events, resources, and collections among the Digital Commons Community — we love how passionate you are about sharing your valuable content and making it accessible to the rest of the world! Below are just a few examples from the vast and varied open access work you are publishing.

Hot tip from Consulting Services: you can use the “Save and Share” feature in the Digital Commons Dashboard to easily share the impact of your open access collections. (On the left menu chose the bottom option or the blue “save and share” button below.) You can easily create a sharable link of all works of all time. This doesn’t provide any administrative permissions, it simply allows your stakeholders to view the Dashboard (and to be amazed!):

The University at Albany (SUNY) has an event for Open Access Week every year where people can register through the IR. They can also access OA Day events and materials from past years in their ScholarsArchive repository, below:

Wendy Walker, Associate Professor and Digital Initiatives Librarian at the University of Montana (UM), is very clear on her position in the scholarly communication community. “I’m an open access advocate,” she says, “and open science is a natural part of that.” Walker has aligned the University of Montana repository, ScholarWorks, with the institution’s larger mission and offers solutions to many of the university’s needs around publishing science openly. To read more about Wendy’s journey in the world of open access, you can read the recent Library Connect Newsletter article in which she spoke to us about the challenges and rewards of being an OA advocate. One of the first big OA collections of data she shepherded into the IR was the 1970 Flathead Lake Seismic Survey: