Celebrating Women’s History Month, Law Review Style

We at bepress/Elsevier are very pleased to honor Women’s History Month with a celebration of a first: this academic year marks the first time that the flagship journals of the top 16 law schools in the US are all led by women.     

Seven of these law journals are hosted on Digital Commons: Cornell Law Review, Duke Law JournalMichigan Law Review, Northwestern University Law Review, The University of Chicago Law ReviewUniversity of Pennsylvania Law Reviewand Yale Law Journal. 

Duke Law organized a conference on February 3rd to mark this occasion, gathering most of those journal editors along with notable legal scholars to honor the achievements made by women in law.  The proceedings from this conference — a series of essays written by prominent women in the legal community to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, which opened courtroom doors for women on the federal bench — have been published on the Duke Law repository, along with a moving foreword from Farrah Bara, the current editor of the Duke Law Review.  Her own words summarize the occasion best: “I treasure what we have accomplished, recognize that our work is incomplete, and hope that in a hundred years, the women and men of the legal community look back at this with bewilderment  for what we recognize today as exceptional has become, to them, utterly ordinary.”  

Congratulations to all the law review editors, and much success to them in the issues and years to come! 

Duke Law Foreward