December 9th, 2014 | Tags : data, unlimited storage | Category : bepress Development Blogs, Data in the Repository

Digital Commons Announces Unlimited Storage

We are delighted to announce that Digital Commons now offers unlimited storage.

At bepress, our philosophy has always been to offer unlimited services whenever possible. Doing so lets you say yes to any and all projects that come your way. Our client support model has been unlimited from the start, and earlier this year we lifted restrictions on journals, too. Sometimes, though, the size of the repository itself can be a concern—especially when you’re faced with questions about large datasets from researchers on campus. We hope to eliminate these concerns by offering unlimited storage space for all Digital Commons repositories.

What makes this unlimited model possible? Primarily we do it through careful monitoring and planning. Earlier this year we upgraded our storage infrastructure to make our platform more nimble in adapting to growth. We run at 30% capacity to give us plenty of headroom for growth spurts and sufficient lead-time to extend our system to meet needs in a controlled, cost-effective manner. By monitoring our growth along with yours, we make sure to increase our capacity well before the need arises. We continue to grow alongside—and ahead of—our subscribers’ repositories.

As a result we feel confident that our system can handle all subscriber storage needs. If, by some miracle of gargantuan proportions, you prove us wrong with a truly extraordinary amount of content…we’ve still got you covered. If you push our system beyond the limits, we’ll be happy to support the extra content and consider looking into cost-sharing options; first, though, we’d have to offer you a hearty congratulations for finding that much content!