November 27th, 2013 | Tags : Google Group, SHARE | Category : Education & Outreach

Digital Commons Community Will Be Represented in SHARE Working Group

Leaders of the SHARE Steering Group recently announced the formation of four Working Groups to help shape the SHARE initiative as it continues to progress. We’re excited to let you know that bepress will be representing the Digital Commons Community as an official member of the Technical Working Group.  According to the announcement on the ARL website, “the Technical Working Group will be responsible for advising the SHARE Steering Group on matters of technology, standards, operational policies and procedures, scale, and innovation in the development of the SHARE system.”

The Working Groups, which also include a Communications Group, a Repository Community Group, and a Workflow Group, will meet virtually twice per month, and will each include a representative member from the Steering Group. We’re looking forward to exploring the potential impact these new groups might have on SHARE’s direction, and will continue to update you on new developments.