March 25th, 2014 | Category : Education & Outreach

Digital Commons Community: You’re Looking Amazing from Here!

Most of the time at our bepress office in beautiful Berkeley, California, we are heads down and focused on supporting you, just as you are heads down supporting your faculty and students needs to gather, organize, distribute, and preserve their scholarly output. Running a successful repository program is hard work. We all know it. It can be easy to lose sight of big picture successes in the daily hustle and bustle of details.

So it’s important that every now and then we stop, pull our heads up, and take a moment to look at what you, part of our wonderful Digital Commons community, have accomplished. Seeing the raw numbers behind this success put a big smile on our face at bepress, and we wanted to share our good feelings with the people that made it happen.


The figures in this table are staggering, and we’re so proud of the incredible growth your IRs have shown in a few short years. Thanks to you for your hard work; now let’s sit back and let these numbers do the talking for a while.