Extending Library-led Publishing Services: Paul Royster on Open Access Books

Last Thursday, Paul Royster, Coordinator of Scholarly Communication at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln, kicked off a successful start to bepress’s 2012-2013 Digital Commons Community Webinar Series with his webinar, “Library Publishing: Books and Faculty Monographs”.

Library-led publishing is a timely topic, and many universities are exploring the pay-offs it can offer compared to costly university presses and commercial publishers.  In this webinar, Paul shared his strategies for launching library publishing services for books, including tips on developing policies, working with authors, providing print-on-demand, and handling copyright. You can view a recording of Paul’s informative—and extremely entertaining—webinar here, as well as find additional resources.

The DC Telegraph also featured a blog post on Zea E-Books, the imprint Paul started at UNL, back in May, so we encourage you to take a look if you’d like to learn more about Paul’s work.

The second in our 2012-2013 Digital Commons Community Webinar series, “Serving Students and Faculty with Open Access Textbooks,” builds on the theme of library-led publishing initiatives, with Sarah Beaubien and Charles Lowe discussing how Grand Valley State University has used their repository to publish open-access textbooks to better serve their community while reducing costs for the library, students, and faculty.  Please join us on Monday, December 3 at 11 am (Pacific Time) to hear more!