Get Ready for Fall 2015 Webinars!

To kick off the new school year, we’d like to share our fall bepress Digital Commons 2015 line up of free webinars, covering topics from OER initiatives and supporting data to new trends in faculty scholarship. Libraries are constantly facing new challenges in serving their campuses; this series of webinars is designed to give you the knowledge and tools to proactively address these changing needs. Librarians using Digital Commons will share how they’ve utilized their repository initiatives to position the library as the solution to some of the most pressing needs in academia today.

To register, please click on the registration links below. For more information and for other upcoming events, please see our event calendar at If you have questions, please contact us at


Webinar: New Directions in Faculty Work and the Key Role of the Library

Date/time: 9/24/2015, 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern

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Webinar: The Modern Repository: Aligning the Library with the University Mission

Date/time: 10/20/2015, 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern

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Webinar: Inside an Open Educational Resource Initiative: PDX Open at Portland State University

Date/time: 11/5/2015, 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern

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Webinar: Closing the Gaps in Faculty Services: Repository Innovations at EIU

Date/time: 12/3/2015, 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern

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Webinar: Demystifying Data:  Five Easy Steps to Get Your Data Program Started Now

Date/time: 12/10/2015, 11am Pacific/2pm Eastern

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If  you are unable to attend any of these, please contact and we’d be happy to follow up with a recording.  We hope you can join us!