Happy Turkey and Tofu-Based Vegetarian Turkey Substitute Day from bepress!

The leaves have finally turned here in Berkeley, and that can only mean one thing: life’s about to take a turn for the worst for turkeys and Tofurkys across America. To give thanks to our fine-feathered friends and pay homage to this glorious day of gluttony, we’ve rounded up some fun holiday content from a few Digital Commons collections.

Still not sure what’s cookin’ in your house this Thanksgiving? “How about a Utah Turkey barbecue?” asks this delightfully 80s and not-for-the-faint-of-heart pamphlet from Utah State University. No time to BBQ? No problem. The University of Tennessee Knoxville’s got you covered with their Quick Bites Holiday Meals guide. Be sure you don’t skimp on the sides, though! Popping open a can of Ocean Spray cranberry sauce would likely be considered sacrilege to the good people over at the UMass Cranberry Station. You can also find everything you always wanted to know (and probably a lot that you didn’t) about sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, and green beans in Digital Commons repositories.

Think turkeys can’t be beautiful? Think again. This painting of a turkey by Elli Crocker, Associate Professor of Studio Art at Clark University, might make you look twice at one of goofiest creatures in the avian world. Sending out season’s greetings? This 1908 Thanksgiving postcard from the University of Maine or this 1914 card from Salve Regina University sure beat Hallmark. And, finally, what would Thanksgiving be without football? Things sure have changed since this 1913 Thanksgiving Day game at Eastern Illinois University. Just imagine what their half-time show must have been like!

In the spirit of the season, we’d like to say thanks to our wonderful Digital Commons subscribers. We’re so grateful to get to work with such an inspiring and dedicated community, and we wish you all a happy holiday. Now, go get gobbling! (Or, in more sophisticated terms: Bon Appétit!)