Ideas for Celebrating Open Access Week

Later this month, academic libraries around the world will celebrate Open Access Week.  Now in its sixth year, this annual event is a great opportunity to publicize and educate faculty, students and staff about ongoing scholarly communication issues and initiatives, and to highlight IR services that help promote open access and sustainable scholarly communication.

If you need ideas for presentations and messaging, Isaac Gilman’s Open Access in 15 Minutes (or less) is a great place to start.  OA advocate Peter Suber’s introductory page also provides a nice overview.  Many items in our resources section, such as this brochure for Johnson & Wales University’s ScholarsArchive@JWU, do a great job of framing the repository within the global Open Access campaign.  The bepress outreach department is always happy to discuss marketing and messaging if you’d like more information.

Many universities also host open access week materials in their IRs.  This is a great way to both advertise upcoming events and provide access to materials for those unable to attend.

Here are just a few of the colleges and universities hosting OA week material in their IRs: