Improved SelectedWorks Integration Is On Its Way!

Get ready to celebrate: the upgraded SelectedWorks coming this fall will integrate more fully with Digital Commons and save you time in doing so. All the time you spend developing quality metadata in your DC repository will now automatically be captured in SelectedWorks!

When you add content from DC to SW you’ll see your full set of metadata, including custom fields. When you move the other way, from SW to DC, you’ll also get a copy of the metadata that you can augment with the full metadata features of DC. Either way, the download counts stay consistent, since there is only one file to download that will be shared between both systems. No more duplicate downloads or duplicate search results! Another way we’re hoping to save you time and effort: if something is removed from a SW profile, it will still live in DC.

The improved integration with Digital Commons also includes two-way activity notifications between SelectedWorks authors and Digital Commons administrators. A brand new Notification Center features live updates on new papers and profile changes. Admins will receive notifications when an author adds new work, removes work, edits work, creates a profile with the institution, or edits their profile.

Stay tuned for more blogs this summer detailing the upcoming changes to SelectedWorks, including a sleek new design, support for multimedia files, and greater administrator control. Feel free to contact us at if you’d like a demo.