“An Incredible Timesaver:” Announcing the Release of Our EGS Harvesting Tool

Drumroll, please! We are pleased to announce the initial release of our harvesting feature for the Expert Gallery Suite. This powerful new tool allows users to immediately populate new and existing faculty profiles with publications metadata. We have access to over 160 million objects from sources including PubMed, ScienceDirect, Springer, ArXiv, SSRN, IEEE, RePEc, JSTOR, and many others.

We’ll be sharing more about EGS harvesting in a webinar with Director of Product, Ann Connolly, on November 16, 2017.

We are very grateful to our pilot testers who helped us test for quantity of objects, data quality, user experience, and more. “Life-changing!” says Rebecca Mattson at Penn State Law. “With all the other work I have to do, it is an incredible timesaver to have a tool which immediately populated the profiles with all the metadata and found the best links out as well.” Rebecca had been concerned about creating profiles for two new faculty members, one with numerous international publications, and another who published both in law and the sciences. But, she says, harvesting simplified the process:  “I created the profiles, clicked ‘harvest’, and….it found all the stuff! It worked perfectly.”

With limited staff time, Loma Linda University had put its Expert Gallery Suite program on hold, but Gerald Rezes explains that harvesting “has definitely cut down on what was once a daunting task.” Now that he sees what harvesting will allow him to accomplish, Gerald is engaging in a campus-wide discussion to explore using the Expert Gallery Suite to replace some of their current workflows for faculty reporting.

We look forward to your feedback as we begin work on future phases of harvesting, designed to to simultaneously populate Digital Commons.

For other questions about harvesting, or to have the EGS harvesting tool enabled, contact your consultant at dc-support@bepress.com.