Institutional Repository “A-ha” Moments

We often hear about “a-ha” moments. For an IR administrator, an “a-ha” moment is one of those times when you are able to demonstrate the benefits of your IR to people outside of your library and see them really understand how they can take advantage of the services offered through the repository.

Michael Miller, Vice Provost for Information Services and Chief Information Officer at Cal Poly shares an “a-ha” moment he witnessed while discussing senior projects with the University President. Michael says:

“You could see that he was getting it. At one point he said ‘I could use this to show parents our senior projects online and say “That is the caliber of work your son or daughter could produce if they come to Cal Poly.”’”

Stephanie Davis-Kahl, the Scholarly Communications Librarian and Associate Professor at Illinois Wesleyan University shares another “a-ha” moment: at one faculty senate meeting a faculty member suddenly realized that even the minutes from their meetings could be shared and saved in the repository.

What is your favorite “a-ha” moment?  Email to share.