Kansas State University Triples Its Publishing Program in Less than Three Years

New Prairie Press (NPP), Kansas State University’s publishing arm, has tripled its publishing program in just over two years. Last month, NPP surpassed the 1 million download mark, a testament to its persistent growth! The NPP IR is now home to 23 journals, 7 open textbooks, and a number of conferences, monographs, and special publications. NPP also hosts publications from the university’s Marketing and Communications group.  

New Prairie Press describes their service as a “full-spectrum publishing platform” managing “all parts of publication, from submission to final publication and archiving. Editors and site administrators have the ability to define reviewer, copy editor, and other roles, as well as manage revision processes.”  

Rebel Cummings-Saul, former Director of the Center for the Advancement of Digital Scholarship, attributed the site’s growth to scalability through the bepress platform as well as renewed faculty outreach. Rebel explained, “We do things a lot differently than we did before, and reach out to faculty at social events and meetings. People are amazed by the amount of people they can see are reading their work and actively use the dashboards to see potential industry partners and other schools that are adopting their textbooks.” Through New Prairie Press, the library can partner with the University on strategic goals such as wide dissemination of campus scholarship, serving faculty needs, reporting, and publishing open educational materials.