Readership Maps Now Available for Every Group on Campus!

In 2014 we released the Readership Activity Map, which shows the real-time impact of Digital Commons repositories across the globe. The response from the community was overwhelming–everyone seems to love seeing those pins drop by the second.

Seeing that kind of impact in such a visual way is so compelling, in fact, that many subscribers have told us about academic groups on campus who’d love to showcase their IR contributions with maps of their own. We’re very happy to offer just that: now you can give every department, center, journal, conference, or collection its own Readership Activity Map.

Besides entrancing your faculty, administration, researchers, and students, the map shows how valuable their scholarship is to the global academic community. Dr. Darcy Bullock, Professor of Civil Engineering and Director of the Joint Transportation Research Program at Purdue University, told us

Showing world-wide impact in a visually engaging manner helps demonstrate the value of the work we do at the Joint Transportation Research Center.

We introduced a beta version of maps for individual departments and collections in December—soon, the maps will be available to every community and publication in the IR.

Take a look at a few examples of the maps, enabled during this beta period:

Centers or programs with unique research Joint Transportation Research Program (Purdue University) and Nebraska Tractor Tests (University of Nebraska – Lincoln)

Departments or schools on campusWashkewicz College of Engineering (Cleveland State University) and School of Population Health (Jefferson University)

Faculty collectionsEnglish: Faculty Publications & Other Works (Loyola University Chicago)

JournalsJournal of Collective Bargaining in the Academy  (Eastern Illinois University)

Student works, including theses and dissertationsEnvironmental Science Theses (University of Vermont)

The map’s new features are designed to enhance almost any size of repository and any size of collection within it. To enable one today, contact Consulting Services at