April 11th, 2017 | Tags : Macalester College | Category : Faculty Engagement, Publishing, Student Work

Macalester Faculty Observe: Students Who Publish Understand Scholarship More Deeply

In a recent video four Macalester College faculty mentors speak about the impact of DigitalCommons@Macalester College, with a special focus on the benefits to students who publish or participate in the publishing process.

What are these benefits? Here are just a few of the observations the faculty made:

  • the quality of student work improves when students know their scholarship will be available to anyone in the world;
  • students develop a deeper understanding of their research when they participate in the publishing process;
  • students involved with student-run journals develop an intimate understanding of the scholarly publishing process, which sets them up for future academic and professional pursuits;
  • having high-quality student work accessible to the world helps recruit new students and give them a sense of the quality of work they will be expected to produce while attending Macalester.

Check out the video to hear more student outcomes, as well as the ways student publishing sets Macalester apart as an institution.