Media Outlets Find Industry Experts from their Scholarship Made Freely Available Online

Michelle Jackson, the host of a radio program on Northern California’s KRXA radio station, recently discovered Professor Randy Albelda’s work on income disparity and economic policies that affect low-income women and families through professor Albelda’s Selected Works page. Albelda, a professor of economics and senior research fellow at the Center for Social Policy at the University of Massachusetts Boston, is a distinguished and widely published scholar who is also used to working with advocacy groups and legislative bodies to apply the research to policy decisions. She welcomed this opportunity to talk about her current and recent work to a broader audience. The interview is scheduled for April 28, online at

This story reminded us of another faculty author who was invited to join a radio interview after the program hosts discovered his work in Digital Commons @ Butler University. Political Science Professor David Mason was a little surprised to be contacted by a Chinese radio station to participate in a roundtable on the topic of public-opinion research and reform in China, as his publications on that topic dated back to 1989. But when he Googled “public opinion research in China,” he found his publications in Digital Commons and SelectedWorks coming up very near the top of the results. Along with four other experts, including the head of Gallup China, Professor Mason was able to contribute an important recent-historical perspective.

That’s what discoverability is all about: bringing new life to older scholarship and finding broader audiences for recent work.

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Randy Albelda - University of Massachusetts Boston - Professor, Economics Department

Randy Albelda’s SelectedWorks Page