April 8th, 2015 | Tags : Model Collections, weebinars | Category : Promoting the IR, Special Collections

New bepress Resources: Model Collections Available for Engaging Faculty

For Open Access Week last October, we announced a new resource: Model Collections. Organized by discipline, these collections are designed to help you and your liaison or reference librarians further engage faculty with your repository initiative by providing examples of each type of collection that a department might want to showcase. We hope that you and your liaison librarians will share these examples of services the library can offer when presenting to departments.

Over the past few months we have added even more disciplines to the collection, as well as a series of short, 5-minute videos (we’re calling them “weebinars” — yes, you read that correctly — with two “e”s) that walk through each disciplinary collection, pointing out key features. We hope these brief videos will save you time and support your faculty engagement efforts.

We now have collections and accompanying weebinars in the following disciplines:

We hope you find these helpful. Please let us know how you are using them, and what disciplines you would like to see next by emailing us at outreach@bepress.com!