New SelectedWorks Design Showcases the Full Body of Faculty Work

This winter you’ll see a new, modernized design for SelectedWorks with every section of the profile updated. Why focus on a new design? We know your faculty want to publish more than just articles—soon they can showcase their whole body of work using the upgraded SelectedWorks. The sleek new card view is versatile enough to display all types of work, including articles, books, images, videos, and streaming media. Check out the details and picture below!

The header will now feature:

  •  The most important author information (photo, name, title, bio, institutional affiliation)
  •  A truncated bio to bring the important “Works” details higher up on the page
  •  A large “Follow” button to help faculty build their research network
  •  Prominent institutional branding that provides strong recognition and key context

There will also be more intuitive profile navigation that allows you to move quickly between Works, About/bio information, readership stats, the institution’s website, and other faculty profiles:

  • New menu at the top of the page where you can easily access account pages, admin pages, and readership reports
  • New jump menu for user-defined categories of works, displaying the full array of works in that topic

And now there are dedicated pages for “Works” and “About” to allow faculty to fully describe their bio and their work:

  •  In the expanded biographic “About” tab there is now space for previous positions, education history, research interests, CVs, course information, and more.
  • The modern new card view of Works gives a rich preview of the content, including:
  1. Thumbnails of the file (e.g., images or the first page of an article)
  2. Selected metadata
  3. Prominent “Download” button and icons for sharing that are immediately visible

Be sure to read our other recent blogs on improved SelectedWorks features, including support of multimedia files, greater administrative control, and full integration with your Digital Commons IR! Feel free to contact if you would like a demo.

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