New York Times Reviews Newly Discovered Walt Whitman Work in University of Iowa’s Repository

The New York Times just profiled “what some experts are calling the biggest new Whitman discovery in decades”: the newly discovered 1858 “Manly Health and Training” manual by Walt Whitman, which the Walt Whitman Quarterly Review (WWQR) just published through the University of Iowa’s repository, Iowa Research Online.

This work was lost for over 150 years until a graduate student tracked down the text in its entirety: now the WWQR, the international journal of record for Whitman studies, is making the first online version freely accessible. Now that the New York Times has broken the story (spoiler alert: their piece is called Walt Whitman Promoted a Paleo Diet. Who Knew?), the WWQR have gotten a big boost in their already impressive readership since going open access last year.

The WWQR article Manly Health and Training, With Off-Hand Hints Toward Their Conditions boasts a whopping 14,885 downloads today, and the Introduction to Walt Whitman’s “Manly Health and Training” already has 4,347 downloads!