Why Open Access Matters: Part 2

Leading up to Open Access Week we are sharing examples from “100 Stories: The Impact of Open Access,” a 2016 research project that examines the variety of ways open access works impact institutions, researchers, and readers. Join us next Wednesday for brand new examples of impact in our webinar “100 Stories of Impact: One Year Later.

Today’s examples focus on the impact of open access on authors seeking to build a reputation in their fields.

Amplifying Scholarship – Faculty member emerges as leading authority in area of growing public crisis
Bowling Green State University Professor Philip Stinson has been cited in the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and Nate Silver’s FiveThirtyEight blog as a leading expert in police crime statistics. Media outlets have found his work online, and link to his faculty profile as a way of quickly accessing his research and podcasts.

Public Impact – Forestry data becomes top news story
Thomas Crowther’s groundbreaking research on global tree density was published in the journal Nature and subsequently featured on NPR, NBC, the BBC, LA Times and more. Links to this article and the affiliated data in Yale’s IR have been accessed by users around the globe.

Finding Collaborators – Collaborative project gets international citation
A Master’s thesis by a group of Occupational Therapy students from Dominican University was discovered by another group of students in Manilla, Philippines, who were working on a similar study. The students in Manilla contacted the authors and asked for permission to model their study, and use their research instruments with proper citation in their eventual thesis.

Launching Academic Career – Thesis downloads help student win faculty position
A law graduate from Southern Cross University reports that the over 3,000 downloads of her thesis enabled her to stand out as a candidate with hiring committees and helped her obtain a position at a prestigious institution.