Show Data Wonks on Campus How Your Library Can Help

Want help becoming a “go to” person on campus for data management? Check out the handout we’ve created to help send you on your way. It will help you to address the many data-related questions flying around: How can researchers be sure to comply with data-sharing mandates for grants and funders? What are best practices for managing and sharing their data? How can you support centers and departments as they produce more and more data in hybrid formats?

It includes key points such as:

  • Media and file types for every researcher on campus
  • Advanced tools for data publishing
  • Multiple back-ups, cloud storage, and quarterly archives
  • Authorization and access-control tools
  • Support for all file types and formats

Enlist your subject and liaison librarians to help get the word out to department heads and faculty researchers that your library does data. You can share the link to our new DC Promotional Materials Resource page or go one better by printing out some copies and dropping them off in person. If you like the heft and shine of a professional print job, just contact us at and we’ll be happy to send a stack your way!